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Firstload is a well-known european usenet provider which lately started to serve English speaking customers. Firstload is a reliable and efficient provider that offers access to 60,000 newsgroups and prides itself on its fast download speed of more than 100 Mbit/s. The company’s own newsreader called ‘Lumac’ is included for free and offers top-notch usability & stability. The software is available for PC & Mac. Especially, the possibility to preview and comment files and file archives make it stand out of its competitors softwares. New and veteran Usenet users alike have found Firstload’s newsreader very easy to use and its intuitive interface easy to master.


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Take advantage of Firstload’s free trial period – You can download up to 315 GB in 14 days during the trial. Creating your account takes between 3 and 5 minutes, after that you can directly download & install the software and connect with your username and password.

Read more about the trial here or go directly to the trial on Firstload’s website here!


We found that the download speeds offered by Firstload’s usenet service were indeed extremely fast, and that we had full access to all available text and binary newsgroups across the Usenet spectrum. During our review, we were very impressed with the software’s interface as well as the additional features such as thumbnail view, video preview and even live-chat.

Customer service representatives are easy to contact online and by phone, and they are competent and efficient when it comes to answering questions or assisting users with any issues that may arise. Account setup and cancellation are simple. The connections are SSL-secured and the company does not record IP Adresses and usage data in order to protect your privacy. All of your downloads remain as anonymous as possible.


  • Cheap full speed gigabyte packages
  • 2.000 kbit/s backup flatrate for unlimited downloads
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Phone & Mail Support during Office Hours (UK phone number)
  • Full Access to All 60,000 Usenet Newsgroups
  • Anonymity
  • Retention of up to 650 Days
  • Fully Featured Software includes Viewer and Chat


According to our own experience, as well as, other online reviewers, Firstload is a reliable provider with excellent support and easy-to-use software that offers advanced features. Prices are reasonable, and a free trial allows new users to use the service for 14 days free of charge.

Firstload’s Free Trial

It is easy to register for the free trial on Firstload’s website. Offering two weeks of free service with over 300 GB of volume, the trial is one of the most generous offered by major Usenet providers. It can be cancelled via E-mail or fax at any time during the trial period, and once the trial period is over customers who wish to continue to use the service have a choice of four convenient packages. Taking advantage of the free trial period is a good way to become familiar with usenet services and download anything you like.

*Attention* If you don’t want that your trial account will be converted into a paid membership,
don’t forget to cancel during the trial period of 14 days, better cancel a few days in advance to be sure your subscription won’t be converted into a paid membership, except you want to continue the service. The account can be cancelled via Email, fax or letter. After we finished the review, we cancelled via E-mail and received a confirmation of cancellation within 40 minutes. Our bank account has not been charged. Everything was completely free just as promised.

*Update* As Shalby pointed out in a customer review, if you use a credit card for the free trial, Firstload will withdraw $1 from the card in order to prevent fraud by using fake credit card numbers.
Click here to directly go to the free trial and load 300 GB and more for free.

Packages and Costs

The four packages offered by Firstload include 100 GB, 250 GB, 300 GB or 800 GB per month of top speed usenet access, with flatrate service allowing an additional 600 GB download volume each month. Firstload 100 and Firstload 250 have a 6 months contract period, Firstload 300 and Firstload 800 can be cancelled every month.

Firstload four different packages & tariffs

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Customer Reviews

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Nov 14, 2012 by Rory

These sharks have siphoned more than 300 euros from my account with their deceptive terms and conditions. You have been warned.

The Boss's Pet: Sharing Among Friends

Aug 04, 2012 by Tonya Kinzer

This book is copyright protected yet appears to be up for FREE download at this site. How can they legally offer copyrighted material and get away with it??? I found several copyrighted books available here! Author beware!!!!

Not for older Macs

Jul 18, 2012 by Zach

Thankfully the 14-day trial was only $1, because it turns out you can't use Firstload on a Mac unless you have Mac OS X 10.7 or better. Not well advertised.


Jul 13, 2012 by MM

Make the terms and conditions clear and be honest! The deceptive forced payment is unethical and clearly the product is not good enough for people to be scammed lfor them to make money. Disgusting business ethics.


Jul 03, 2012 by Tall Cucker

First has a LOT of people who act like customers and get online and post GREAT reviews everywhere. For example, the two posts directly above me. Just type " Hi LOL JK OMG look dsagd" and your exact thing will pop up saying it has 4 available downloads. If you want to pirate music and movies, dont be scammed into paying for through a wack website like this. IF you want legal ones, you can find them for free.

2.3 5.0 19 19 These sharks have siphoned more than 300 euros from my account with their deceptive terms and conditions. You have been warned. Firstload

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